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This is a complete 5 day body part split program that will teach you the essentials and foundations for a strong workout routine. There are many myths our there about what a good routine needs to have in order to be successful, but what is always true is that it must have structure and consistency (with multi-joint exercises at the core of the routine). It's a common misconception that you need to make complex and confusing changhes to your workouts in order to see results, however what you will learn with this Ebook will help improve your knowledge so that you can decipher what does and does not work for you.


Provided in this Ebook are instructional videos which will help teach beginners, and intermediate lifters proper form, workout tips and tricks, warming up before your routine, nutrition, insights into the Forever Young Fitness mindset on being disciplined and motivated, and how to reframe the health and wellness lies we have learned out entire lives.


Learn with me about the core components in what it takes to improve your health, seeing long term changes, and gain the capacity to help others as well.

Forever Young Foundations Ebook

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